The Dating Lounge is the first ever invitation-only dating community where friends date each others friends.

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What’s unique about The Dating Lounge?

  • Invitation-only. Membership is by invitation only and regulated by Members of The Lounge, so it’s an exclusive environment.
  • Members are serious about finding a relationship. Members want a relationship; they don’t want to treat dating like a game as they do with other dating apps.
  • No married people or people in a relationship. People who are not available are blocked from joining the app.
  • Mutual Friends technology. Members can see how they are connected to other members through our mutual friends technology.
  • Mutual friends can set you up on dates or provide references for youjust like they do in real life.
  • Members use their real names so they can see their real information in their social media profiles. Members can see who they are actually dating by having access to their social media profiles.
  • Access to The Lounge via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is the first dating app that gives you access via Twitter and LinkedIn as well as Facebook
  • Real-life Professional Matchmaker behind the app. There is a real-person, a real Professional Matchmaker who knows the “in’s and out’s of dating” and who is “on call” to answer any dating questions you might have.

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