Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Women In Your Life

I don’t know about you, but some years, I get so busy with my day-to-day life that I find myself running around to find that last minute Valentine’s Day Gift. And the bottom line is Hallmark Holiday or not, people consider it a real holiday. And these days, every woman in your life is expecting a little something. If you don’t want to end up in the doghouse, I would recommend going wide on gifts and cards for the people in your life. Here are some of my suggestions on last-minute gifts that will win you some major brownie points.

(And, for a chance to win one of these gifts, drop me a line at and tell me your best romantic date story. I will be selecting one winner every day until February 24nd and I will send you an email if you won!)

For The Woman Who Loves a Good Fireplace. Some women just love fireplaces. You can go to the crappiest restaurant but as long as there is a roaring fire, she will be content. So, imagine how happy she will be if you get her her own personal fireplace. She will be in heat heaven. I love the fireplace from Anywhere Fireplaces.

For the Research-happy Mom.A lot of moms, myself included, spends hours researching everything. One subject that kept me up at night was which swaddle to use and how to swaddle. I found that one of my favorites for my baby’s daytime naps is the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle. It’s easy to put on which is key when you are juggling a tired hungry baby, it’s breathable so it’s comfy for your baby and it comes in a lot of adorable patterns to boot.

For the women who love the 70s. This is a no-brainer, The Cher Show tickets are the way to go. This show is so much fun! You can either go with her and make it a date night evening or you can treat her to a night out with the girls!





For the pregnant woman. A pregnant woman can be fussy just like a baby. There’s nothing better for either one than a cozy and stylish blanket. I love the ones from Capley Blanket. Each one is made with love and care. You can choose your design and they make it for you. It’s softness overload.



For the mom who thrives on Functional. A lot of moms quickly learn that functional is the name of the game when it comes to a diaper bag. You will be her hero if you give her The Humble Bee Boundless Charm Diaper bag. This is a great one because it’s very lightweight, dirt-resistant, expandable, and comes with a lot of accessories like a changing pad and 2 hot and cold gel packs.

          For Your Mom. Make no mistake, your mother will be over the moon if you remember to get her something for Valentine’s Day. After all, she did birth you and take care of you forever and ever. She likes to be remembered and appreciated from time to time and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to do this.

So what to get her?? I love the idea of a subscription box that will appeal to your mom’s interests. This way, she gets a little something from you each month and is feeling loved for a long time. Check out the Love With Food box where they will send her an assortment of snacks each month and the name is very Valentine’s-esque or the Bouqs box where they will send her a monthly bouquet of beautiful flowers.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 3.46.06 PM

For a woman who has a newborn. Every mom with a newborn is scrambling to get a whole bunch of useful products to make new Mommyhood a little easier. One product that I found very useful is the Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer. Mom’s tend to make more than one bottle at a time and keep them in the refrigerator so when baby is hungry, they can just grab and go. This bottle warmer helps get the refrigerated bottle ready quickly and to the perfect baby-ready temperature. What I like about this warmer, in particular, is that it has a timer and it lets you know when the milk is warm and ready for baby.

For the mom who is Organic-only. Usually, practical gifts are a no-no. However, sometimes it’s fine to buy someone a practical gift if they will love it. If you need to buy a gift for an organic-only mom, why not get her kid the Rolls Royce of organic mattresses, The Bundle of Dreams. What I like about this mattress is that it is made right in NY and it hypoallergic, eco-friendly and 100% breathable. The baby will love it too.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 3.44.39 PM

For the nervous mom. If you know a Mom who is particularly nervous about their baby these days (and yes, most Moms are), The Omie View Bassinet mirroris a great gift. The mirror gets attached to a baby’s bassinet and gives Mom the ability to see what’s going on while the baby is sleeping or resting. What I like about this product is that most of the time, it’s hard to see what’s happening in your baby’s bassinet so this useful mirror helps solve that problem. *Caveat- make sure to secure it tightly onto the side so it doesn’t fall on baby.

For the mom who loves cute but functional. A lot of moms, myself included, can’t resist a great functional product that is also super cute. This is how I would describe the Wubbanub. It’s a great juicy pacifier with an adorable stuffed animal attached to the base of it. Not only does your child think it is cute and fun to have a dog, an elephant or a giraffe hanging from his or her pacifier, but also the animal helps the pacifier stay in place and not fall out of baby’s mouth. They make over 30 different animals and do special versions as well. Love this!

For the teenage girl in your life—She isn’t a mom, but as your daughter, she is a very important lady in your life as well. You need to remember to get her a gift just like you do for your wife and for your own mom. Keep in mind that you as her dad is her hero, at least until she falls in love with her first crush. However, the rub is that teenage girls are really picky and particular. My suggestion for your teen girl is a really cool phone case. Our daughter loves the ones from Wildflower. I bet you will remain the apple of your daughter’s eye if you score one of these for her.
For the mom who needs a good night sleep. A lot of moms will think of you as their lifesaver if you can just get their child to be less fussy and to get a great night sleep. If you want to pitch in and help, get this mom a Marpac noise machine. I would recommend the Whish versionbecause it has 16 different sounds and one of them is bound to calm the most restless of babies.

For the teens of the divorced woman you are dating. If you are dating a woman with kids, it’s always a good idea to include them in the gift-giving rituals. Not only will you win brownie points with their mom, but you might also get them to give a little extra attention or at very least, not such a hard time. And, if her kids are teens, you really need to score creatively. My idea- a gift for the whole family gift. I love Feejays. They are footie pajamas for big people. Think Dr Dentons from long ago without the butt flap. The Feejays come in really fun designs and colors and think about the IG story shot you will get when you are all wearing them together.

What other gifts would you recommend for that favorite woman in your life?

Samantha Daniels is a well-known Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert as well as the founder of the dating app, The Dating Lounge. She is the author of Matchbook: The Diary Of A Modern-Day Matchmaker (Simon & Schuster) as well as the creator of Miss Match, the NBC/Darren Star TV show that was based on her life story: Alicia Silverstone played her character. She is a frequently relied upon expert, and is seen regularly on-Television, on the Radio and in national newspapers and magazines. She is a social influencer in the dating, relationship and romance space with a strong social media presence across many platforms.

You can follow her on Twitter and IG: @matchmakersd. For more information, go to

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