Dessert Dates- New York City

Worrying about your Summer body is one thing,  but that doesn’t mean that you should forego fun desserts during date night. There’s nothing sweeter and more romantic than sharing a sweet dessert with your date over a few glasses of wine. Check out one of these fun places for a great end of the night sweet: 


ChikaLicious Dessert Bar: With a prixe fixe menu you can pair with wine, and a seat right by the bar where you can watch the pastry chefs in action, ChikaLicious provides a dessert experience unlike any other.


These beautifully painted itty bitty desserts burst with flavors and are sure to keep you and your date satisfied.


Spot Dessert Bar: If you and your date are more on the adventurous foodie side then be sure to hit the Spot Dessert Bar for exotic ingredients such as green tea, yuzu and kobacha.


This dessert bar injects each of its traditional desserts with Asian flavor and flair. Make sure ot stop by and try their green tea lava cake or condensed milk ice cream.


Milk And Cream Cereal Bar–  If you loved that sugary, not so healthy for you cereal as a kid, this is the dessert place for you.


They do ice cream mix-ins with your faves like Apple Jacks, Frosted Flakes and Cinnamon Toast Crunch or you can go old-school like I do and get a bowl of cereal with milk and toppings. This place is fun and will take you on a trip down memory lane!

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