Pop-Up Date- Happy Go Lucky- NY


The latest pop up in Soho has one message and one message only and that’s for New Yorkers to be happy. The “Happy-Go-Lucky” pop up experience takes you and your date or your family through eight highly instagrammable and fun rooms, meant to inspire you to have a positive energy.

Balloon Room

Life in New York can be stressful so it’s understandable to want to take that special someone out somewhere where you can check your stress at the door and have fun together. Not only are there things to look at but the pop up plays upbeat music from your favorite artists. 

Prism Room

We loved the Sunflower room where my husband and I stole a kiss. And my daughter and I loved the Balloon room where we did many fun Boomerangs.

Sunflower Room

Plus if you want the world to know that you are Hot, go ahead and snap a selfie in front of the I’m Hot wall.

I’m Hot Wall

And even after all that fun and happiness, you get a yummy italian ice artisan dessert as you leave. Happy-Go-Lucky, located at 43 Wooster St., will open to visitors every half-hour between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. through July 8 so hurry! Tickets are $28 during the week and $34 on weekends.

Dessert On Your Way Out


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